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Donations are always accepted and needed for us to continue to provide this gift to our families.  You can help provide our families with a home away from home while they seek treatment at Duke University.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.

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Hunter's Home

Hunter's Homes Collage

Hunter's Hope and the Ronald McDonald House of Durham have partnered to provide Leukodystrophy families receiving treatment at Duke University Hospital with the comforts of home at no cost to the families.

The doctors at Duke are leaders in providing treatment for Leukodystrophies through Cord Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation.  Patients receiving transplants must stay near Duke from six months to a year and have regular post-transplant follow ups.  Since 2005, Hunter's Hope has provided a 'home away from home' for families receiving treatment at Duke and is excited for this new venture with the Ronald McDonald House of Durham.

Located on the Duke University Campus and just minutes from Duke University Hospital, our Hunter's Home provides families receiving treatment at Duke a fully furnished 'home away from home.' Comforts of the home include: private bedrooms, inviting community spaces, daily home-cooked meals and a stocked kitchen, a playroom, computer room and laundry facilities – as well as a network of support through interactions with other families, staff and volunteers.

If you are a Leukodystrophy family interested in the availability of our Home, please contact Kathleen Scott.

What Our Families Have to Say...

Affected Family - Moore Family

"I LOVE THIS APARTMENT!! Once again we are blessed to be able to stay in one of the Hunter’s Hope apartments. It is amazing how the smallest things-being able to do laundry-become so important with a messy 4 yr. old. Zoey turned 4 here which is fitting as this is the place where she was born. Who would have guessed the paths our lives would take and how incredible the outcome would be. Once again thank you Hunter’s Hope. You have truly provided Hope and a Future for our precious Zoey."
~ Amber Moore, mom to Zoey (Krabbe Disease - Cord Blood Transplant, 2005)

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"Thank You Hunter’s Hope! We are so blessed to have Marcus. We are so thankful to God for everything that He has done for Marcus and our family. We are also thankful to Hunter’s Hope for all that they do for our family. This last year has been truly amazing. We have met so many new people and met so many new friends. It’s an experience that we will never forget. Thanks again."
~ The Mattina's, family of Marcus  (Krabbe Disease - Cord Blood Transplant, 2008; being held by dad)

Aldrian Family

"While Trevor was being evaluated at UNC to determine if he was eligible for transplant, we stayed at the Hunter’s Hope Homes for two weeks and didn’t pay a dime!

This gave us the opportunity to focus on Trevor’s health and learn all that we could about the disease and how to care for Trevor."
~ Nicole Aldrian, mom to Trevor (Krabbe Disease - diagnosed too late to be eligible for a transplant)

Haley Duffer

"My 3 year old little girl Haley was diagnosed  with Krabbe Disease. After Haley went through getting her transplant and was discharged from the hospital we were at a loss of where we were going to stay because her Doctor told us that he wanted Haley to be close to Duke Hospital for all her appointments and in case she had an emergency.

Hunter's Hope came to us with open arms and accepted our family and offered us a wonderful place to stay while we were going through a devasting time in our lives. The apartment we were allowed to live in was our home away from home and without Hunter's Hope I don't know what we would have done. I lost my job do to the time off that I had to take away from my job to be with my daughter so our income was cut in half. With Hunter's Hope letting us stay in their apartments it was a huge burden lifted off of us and we were able to focus on Haley and not how we were going to be able to afford to rent a place to stay while having to be near her doctor at Duke.

There are no words to even express how grateful I am to this organization for everything that they have done for my family. I just know without them our lives would have been alot harder during our time of need. Thank you Hunter's Hope for being extremely generous and full of love for our family."
~ Rhonda Duffer, mom to Haley (Krabbe Disease, Cord Blood Transplant in 2011)

Snider Middleton Family

"Two years ago, my husband and I sat in our living room in Oklahoma, crying in desperation as we came to the resolution that it would be impossible for us to get our sons to Duke for treatment. So impossible that it would take God's Divine Will to make it happen. During one of the many phone calls to Duke, we spoke with a social worker who gave us the number to Hunter's Hope. After speaking with them, the clouds started to lift and we could see a little bit of the sunshine. Together, we coordinated a game plan to make this happen. We did not have to just "take our sons home and enjoy what time we had left with them" (as we were advised by the Oklahoma doctors to do). We were given HOPE.

We came to North Carolina in June of 2010, we stayed in a temporary apartment, which was nice, but too expensive to maintain for two years. We were able to move into a Hunter's Hope apartment on July 1, 2010. Hunter's Hope staff were very kind and knowledgeable about the area and gave me the feeling that I could call them if I needed anything. They were there for us, even when we lost our oldest son, Anthony. That meant so much to Mike and I, especially being so far away from our family. We were given LOVE. As we are winding down from this two year journey in North Carolina, I look around the room with packed boxes that contain so many memories, some good and some not so good. We may never have the answers for why certain things happen in life, but I Thank God for placing certain people in our lives to make the journey a bit more tolerable. From the Doctors at Duke to the Hunter's Hope Foundation, all were very crucial pieces of our crazy little puzzle. One important thing that we have learned walking away from this is that nothing is impossible if you just keep the FAITH in God. So what does Hunter's Hope Foundation mean to us? Three words can sum it up I think...HOPE, LOVE, and FAITH. Thank you, at Hunter's Hope, for EVERYTHING you have done for us. I pray that God rewards you abundantly for the amazing work you do for our families.

God Bless You All!"
~ Mike and Jennifer Snider, parents to DeJay (Left, ALD - Cord Blood Transplant 2011); Anthony (Middle, ALD - 1999-2011); Jackie (Right, ALD - Cord Blood Transplant 2010)

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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to
give you hope and a future." 
Jeremiah 29:11 


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